Old But Gold-0010

ZEISS-IKON NETTAR II 517/16 ( 1949 )

Zeiss-Ikon Nettar II 517/16

Year of release: 1949
Film Format: 120 roll film (6×6cm exposures)
Shutter: Vario leaf shutter (or Pronto or Prontor-SV) , speeds 1/25 sec – 1/200 sec (or Prontor-SV: 1sec – 1/300 sec).
Lens: Novar Anastigmat 1:6.3/75mm, other version with a 1:4.5/75mm
Aperture: 6.3 to 22 (or 4.5 to 22)
Viewfinder: optical direct vision viewfinder below flash shoe

2014yds_2LS1956 © LEVENT ŞEN

2014yds_2LS1956 © LEVENT ŞEN

This camera is from Mr. KOKSAL's "Old Camera Collection"...

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