AGFA OPTIMA.1a – pr2016aaeb


AGFA OPTIMA.1a (model 1962)
Taken in 2015/2016
This is the first camera that I use;
Still working

Portfolio, AGFA OPTIMA.1a

Optima Ia takes 24x36 negatives on 135mm film.
It has 2,8/45 Agfa,Color-Agnar lens.
Shutter, 1/30-1/250, operates automatically
when you press "The Magic Button".
The "The Magic Eye" indicates if there is light enough to take a picture.
The widget weights 400g and the measures are 121x82x68 mm.
Quite lot of plastic is used as a material and the body seems to be 
similar to other variations of Optima cameras. System has no battery.
Required energy is produced by a selenium cell. Focusing is manual.
FINEART - 2014yds_3LS1763a © LEVENT ŞEN

FINEART – 2014yds_3LS1763a © LEVENT ŞEN


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